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Featured Heartist: Mawi Zabat

We are honored to share with you that one of our Heartists has been featured in the Riise section of Accor’s E-Communique Asia, April 2019 edition. Riise is Accor’s international network for gender equality and diversity. Read the full interview below with Mawi Zabat, Food & Beverage Supervisor at The Nostalgia Lounge & Bar.

Originally published in Accor Asia’s E-Communique April 2019 issue.

1) Tell us about yourself, the challenges you face as a working mom, and how you overcome them?

I can say that I am a very energetic individual who loves spreading positive vibes around. I like seeing the glass always half-full; I am not easily disheartened by disappointments. I am very loyal and optimistic but tend to be opinionated and headstrong at times. Of course, I also have my bad side. Being dominant, impatient and egoistic are the traits that I am not so proud of but this changed when I had my son. Working as a single mom is very challenging, nothing ever goes as planned. I still remember bringing my son Joshua’s feeding bottle instead of my water jug to work by accident. We are our own worst critic, others say that self-care is the first to go but remember, we are moms! We should be good to ourselves to be able to be good to others. In the long run, sacrificing self-care is not sustainable. Always make time for yourself. Stop worrying about everything, it is just a waste of energy. We need to redirect this energy in a positive way.

2) What were the challenges you faced as a woman in this profession?

Balancing work and being a mom is definitely a challenge. Working in a hotel makes it more chaotic, there is never a convenient time. I am always torn between taking care of my son when he is sick and going to work because there is this big event. It is always heartbreaking. I tend to worry about everything; I always have that “mommy guilt”. Even so, I still tell myself  “I can do this!” when I wake up everyday. I know it is not easy, I know it’s not pretty, but if we believe in ourselves – we are unstoppable. I remember bringing my son to work explaining to him how everything works there, I let him meet people from work and have him chitchat with them. The funny thing is he now wants to work in a hotel too. He just graduated from senior highschool and is planning on studying Account Business Management – Major in Marketing.

3) What is your career advice to other women?

Moms, it’s just a matter of explaining things to the kids. Tell them your everyday story and listen to theirs. At work, find someone who is your advocate. The person who will mentor you and will see the good on you. Someone who will push you and help you reach your goals. Flexibility is a necessity and not an option. The good news is with the hotel being managed by Accor, I am now able to have a work-life balance. Remember to always be true to who you are and what you want to achieve is important as new career opportunities arise.  A job that is not quite what you want, but it is close to home or one that is a great opportunity, but requires travel. When considering career opportunities, avoid settling for less than a great fit.

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